Attracting new families to schools involves making every aspect of the school shine, including the education, pastoral care, reputation and the amenities in the school campus.

The school playground is often the first thing that families see when they enter a school campus and in many cases this first impression is of a tired steel and plastic playground. With the release of new playground safety standards in February of 2021 many existing, aging playgrounds are now more likely to be non-compliant.

Playgrounds can be a standout feature of a school, a talking point of the community. Schools are turning to bespoke Queensland based design and construction company, Everything Outside. Gold Coast playground design and Brisbane Playground design, traditionally based on steel and plastic, is being replaced with nature play designs, inspired by Reggio Emilia educational philosophy of self-directed imaginative play.

Harry Pearson playgrounds was an early leader in the field of solid, natural construction and many of his designs have stood the test of time, with timber construction that looks good years later whilst plastic quickly fades and cracks. For ongoing maintenance a sensible approach to the use of durable materials such as artificial grass and shade sails compliments a playground made from natural building materials. Playgrounds can be a showcase feature for schools as attested by the Business Manager of Living Faith Lutheran Primary School at Murrumba Downs in the video below. For a visit to your school by Andrew Brenchley of Everything Outside email or call 07 5607 0587.