Playgrounds are a prominent, visual feature of the school grounds and part of what attracts new families to a school community. When a tired playground of faded steel and plastic is in need of replacement the search for a new style begins. The emphasis on nature play, open-ended imaginative play and the need for upper body development are often front of mind for educators.

Playgrounds can also be a stunning feature that express the values of the school through culture and art. The beauty of a nature play adventure playground provides the opportunity to introduce the local plant and animal species into the playground design. At Everything Outside our bespoke designs are achieved through consultation with the school to achieve something outstanding.

As students immerse themselves in play they discover sculptures, carvings, murals that draw their attention to the plant and animal species from the local area. This takes the students further into nature based imaginative play. Whilst the imagination drives the play, the need for physical challenge and large movement is met with parkour and upper body work through monkey bars, hand grips, rope climb, balance beams and fireman’s poles in an adventure playground.