The difference between playground equipment and an adventure playground can be huge.

Private schools in Queensland often have the space and interest in developing a playground that is much more than pieces of equipment.  An adventure playground is designed to create a world for children to step into, where the scale and features evoke all ranges of movement and role-playing.

An adventure playground can be a destination for outdoor classrooms and learning, with interactive and imaginative play evoked through the intricacies of the playground design.

The full range of movements and needs of students can be intentionally incorporated including sensory spaces related to the unique requirements associated with ASD, places of rest and observation as well as the full range of high energy movements including crawling, jumping, upper body work and rolling.
A playground can be so much more than individual pieces of playground equipment. Schools are also moving away from plastic playground equipment in favour of nature play based natural building materials.

Our Queensland based team at Everything Outside design adventure playgrounds that stretch the imagination and create a stunning feature and showcase for the school grounds.

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