Out of the hundreds of schools and daycare centres I have visited over the last 10 years , there is one thing in common.

All of them have artificial grass some where within the grounds.

The investment to introduce an area to artificial grass can be quite expensive with generally a 6-8 year timeframe to recoup your investment.

Usually areas that have artificial grass installed are high wear and high traffic areas, there fore it is imperative to schedule annual power brooming to the maintenance schedule.

The Power broom is generally a walk behind petrol device with hard plastic rotating bristles that are used to fluff up the artificial grass leaf, extremely easy to use.

With all the foot traffic it doesn’t take long for the leaf to lie down and look matted, and since its not a natural product, the leaf doesn’t stand up when the sun hits it.in this state it doesn’t look authentic and can become quite slippery.

You can hire power brooms from most Kennards hire centres in Australia for around $85 per day. 1 days hire should be enough time for one of the groundsmen to do all your artificial grass .

We have found the most effective use is to go over each area up and down like you are using a lawn mower, going over the area in a few different directions will make it look brand new.