The Brief

Churchie, a prestigious school in Qld, asked Everything Outside to transform an unused bushland slope next to the main oval into an adventure playground specifically designed for Year 6 students. The goal was to create a space that would provide a challenging and engaging environment for physical activity and exploration.

The Challenge

The area in question presented several challenges. The bushland was overgrown and located in front of the boarding school, making it an eyesore. The terrain included a sloped garden bed with multiple services running through it, further complicating the development process. Additionally, the parcel of land was relatively small, requiring a creative approach to maximize its potential.

The Solution

Everything Outside, a company specializing in innovative outdoor spaces, explored the constraints, and the most appropriate option was to build upwards and incorporate vertical elements into the design. The result was a stunning adventure playground featuring:

  • Towers: Two beautiful towers were constructed, adding vertical interest and maximizing the use of space.

  • Enclosed Tunnel Bridge: An enclosed tunnel bridge connected the two towers, providing a safe and exciting way for students to move between them.

  • Internal Climbs and Climbing Walls: The towers included internal climbing structures and walls, offering various levels of challenge for the students.

  • Dry Riverbed: A dry riverbed was created, adding a naturalistic element and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the playground.

  • Pod: An outdoor learning pod connected to the playground via a dry riverbed and water play.

  • Nature Carved Climbing Poles: Unique upright climbing poles were incorporated to provide diverse climbing experiences.

  • Exiting Spiral Slide: A thrilling spiral slide offered an exhilarating way for students to descend from the towers.

  • Sandstone Blocks : stepping down the slope sandstone blocks featuring 3d fauna allowed access through out the site and places to sit and rest.

Historic Outcome

The revitalisation of the unused bushland slope was a resounding success. The adventure playground has become a beloved feature of the school, offering Year 6 students a dynamic and engaging space for play and physical activity. The transformation not only improved the aesthetics of the area but also provided a valuable recreational resource, fostering physical development and creativity among the students. The project demonstrated how innovative design and strategic use of vertical space could overcome significant challenges, resulting in a vibrant and functional playground.

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