The Brief

Discovery Christian College, as the only private educational institution in Agnes Waters, aimed to increase student enrolments by enhancing its facilities. The school recognized the need for a large, engaging playground to cater to the influx of students and provide a stimulating environment for primary school children.

The Challenge

To design a playground that encourages adventure, physical activity, and upper body strength development, to involve students in the design process to ensure the playground meets their needs and interests, and to create a facility that enhances the school’s appeal to prospective students and their families.

The Solution

Everything Outside collaborated with Agnes Waters Private School to design a playground tailored to the needs of primary school children. The strategy involved direct student engagement and a focus on adventure and physical fitness.

The first step was to involve the students by meeting with a group of about ten young students and a teacher to gather initial ideas and preferences. We collected drawings and suggestions from the students on what they envisioned for their new playground.

Next, we developed an initial playground design based on the students’ input and presented the design to the students for feedback. Iterative changes were made to the design based on their feedback to ensure it met their expectations.

The final design included adventure towers for climbing and exploring, a ninja warrior course to enhance upper body strength and agility, and four bird nest swings for relaxation and social interaction. The playground was constructed near the front entrance of the school to make it a prominent and welcoming feature.

Fantastic Outcome

The collaborative design process resulted in a playground that was not only functional and fun but also reflected the creativity and desires of the students. Students felt a sense of ownership and pride in the new playground, as their ideas were directly incorporated into the design. The playground features effectively promoted adventure and upper body strength development, aligning with the school’s physical education goals. The new playground served as a significant attraction for prospective students and their families. The project demonstrated the value of involving students in the design process, resulting in a vibrant, engaging playground that supports physical activity and community growth.

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