The imagination of students has no limits. Open-ended imaginative play makes for creative, innovative thinkers and improves wellbeing. A well designed playground makes the most of these natural abilities. 

Nature play holds therapeutic benefits for students to be able to meander and roam freely. Roaming is an important element of play that has been lost in recent decades. In previous generations children were more free to travel within a wide radius of the family home. This encouraged exploration and developed healthy skills in risk taking and decision making. Now that play is more confined and structured there is immense value to be gained by allowing students to have a sense of roaming in nature. Creating such a space within the school grounds requires thoughtful design and skill.

 Imagination also inspires students to pursue physical challenges. A playground that responds to this by offering a new adventure to climb and extend ones physical ability promotes upper body development and strengthens the body as well as the mind.

At Everything Outside we offer a one-stop-shop design and construction company of showcase, stunning projects for schools on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland.

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