Educators are noticing that upper body development is lagging behind in physical development of students, due largely in part to a lack of time outdoors and physical challenge. Screen time and close supervision by parents indoors has taken the place of outdoor play and freedom to wander and explore.

For students, the school playground has become much more than an opportunity to move during a break from class time. Playgrounds can in many cases be the one place where students can develop key muscular strength through large movements.

Gold Coast based design and construction company Everything Outside specialises in custom playgrounds based upon consultation with school management and educators.

The range of movements and phases of play are deliberately designed into each playground including loose parts, open-ended imaginative play through playgrounds elements such as dry riverbeds, water pumps, mud kitchen in sand pits. Parkour “Ninja Warrior” courses provide a physical challenge to students to extend one’s ability and practice risk assessment.

In response to the increased need for upper body development a greater emphasis is placed including monkey bars, rope climb, parkour, fireman’s poles and climbing walls.

About Everything Outside

We are a one-stop-shop design and construction company of showcase, stunning projects for schools on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland.