The idea of roaming is foreign to a new generation of children. To be able to wander, investigate, to follow ones instincts are all skills that helped older generations of Australians to develop essential skills.

School grounds can accommodate this natural instinct to explore, forage, build and roam. Nature play adventure playgrounds can be designed to bring an oasis of wilderness within the school grounds. Existing mature trees provide a cool canopy of shade under which can be physical challenges for development of balance, coordination, upper body and risk assessment.

Parkour, a mud kitchen, dry riverbed and sandpit can be incorporated into a natural design to blend in, providing a wide range of activities. The same setting can also be used for outdoor classroom time, both small group work, individual learning and whole class activities.

Each nature play playground from Everything Outside is unique to the needs of each school. Our playgrounds are stunning features for the school grounds, attracting enrolments and engaging students for hours.

We are a one-stop-shop design and construction company of showcase, stunning projects for schools on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland.

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