Teachers are looking for solutions to counter the effects of too much screen time and the impacts to the physical and social development of students. Research indicates that the average screen time for children can be up to 7 hours per day, with negative correlations with mental and physical wellbeing.

Upper body strength remains underdeveloped as children spend less and less time outdoors outside of school. Children are no longer as free to roam unsupervised and to take risks, climb and explore which they are naturally inclined to do.

During the design phase of each new playground teachers look to us to address as many of these needs as possible as break time at school can sometimes be the only outside active time for students in a day. Creativity in play is also a priority, with teachers wanting to see spaces that foster open-ended, imaginative play.

School playgrounds can address each of these concerns if designed well. Custom playgrounds, unique to each school are less predictable, moving away from the static elements of steel and plastic and more towards natural materials, loose parts and aesthetic design that mirrors the beauty found in nature.

Spaces can be designed to encourage social interaction and physical challenges, with different types of movements targeted in the design of playground elements. Risk assessment and skills development can be designed in deliberately. Catering from the sensory needs of students also helps to ground the students and bring them back into their bodies, ready to face more learning in the classroom.

Playgrounds designed and built by Everything Outside are bespoke to each school, with the needs of students and input from teachers at the centre of the design process.

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