When a child is free to roam, explore and forage in a natural setting many therapeutic benefits come into play. A child will naturally explore and imagine and the body is used in a wide range of movement wherever the mind is leading.

Given the opportunity, children will self-regulate their need for adventure, fun, rest and observe. The opportunity for nature play will return a child to the classroom in a good place to resume a focus on the classroom. For students with autism, nature play provides an opportunity for sensory integration.

A nature play playground is one which combines the physical challenge of playground equipment within a natural setting. Students enter a natural world of textures and materials that connect them with nature and offer challenge for physical development. Open ended play through loose parts play and sand pit mud kitchens are set in a backdrop of garden that resembles a forest.

At Everything Outside we design playgrounds that invite children into a natural world within which to become immersed at break time.

We are a one-stop-shop design and construction company of showcase, stunning projects for schools on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland.

Make contact with Andrew on 0466 166 054 or andrew@everythingoutside.com.au for a visit to your school.