Tiny Towns

Everything Outside design and construct Tiny Town villages built to scale for children to engage in imaginative role playing.

Tiny Towns facilitate games children love to play such as dressing up as a fireman and using the equipment of a fire station, working in a café and serving customers, shopping for fruit and vegetables, navigating the roads and pathways within the Tiny village. Tiny Towns buildings can be built outdoors or undercover and can be designed to host classes in interactive activities, with lockable crates of equipment designed for each building type accessible to teachers to facilitate a learning session.

Tiny Towns can be built unique to each space and can enliven a small space or create a colourful and interesting village of buildings in a larger space, complete with artificial grass, mini-streets, paths, landscaping and trees.

Our own team of in house level 3 playground auditors ensure the workmanship and play areas meet all Australian standards.

At Everything Outside we design the Tiny Town concept to suite the space and respond to the requirements of each project to come up with an extraordinary showpiece that evokes extended imaginative play in children.