The Brief

Canterbury College sought to create a primary school playground, situated amidst the serene backdrop of an ephemeral creek and bushland, with sports fields bordering one side. The challenge lay in designing a space that seamlessly integrated with the natural surroundings while catering to the diverse needs and interests of junior and senior primary school students.

The Challenge

Canterbury College approached the project with an open canvas, providing no specific directives or preferences. The challenge was to envision and execute a playground design that harmonised with the landscape and engaged students of varying ages and interests.

The Solution

Everything Outside, renowned for their innovative playground designs, provided a solution that was a testament to creativity and functionality.

The playground entry was enhanced by a natural welcome bridge across the ephemeral creek, featuring hand carved posts with animal motifs. The centrepiece of the transformation was the triple-deck treehouse, seamlessly blending with the surrounding bushland. Complete with a fireman’s pole and stainless-steel slide, the treehouse offered a thrilling escape into nature.

An Adventure Tower, a multi-functional structure featuring a spiral slide, climbing wall, climbing net, activity panels, fireman’s pole, and internal ladder climb, was placed adjacent the sports fields. This tower promised excitement and adventure for children of all ages.

A Ninja Warrior course, designed to test agility and strength with obstacles like monkey bars, an A-frame climber, and balance logs. Dual bird nest swings and foot swings provided opportunities for social play and relaxation.

To enrich outdoor learning experiences, an outdoor classroom was meticulously crafted from recycled Australian timber. With seating for 25 children and a majestic gum tree growing through its centre, the classroom served as a tranquil oasis for lessons amidst nature’s embrace.

Fantastic Outcome

The transformation of Canterbury College’s playground exceeded all expectations. Everything Outside delivered a vibrant, inclusive, and environmentally conscious space where children could learn, play, and explore. The integration of natural elements with innovative play structures created a harmonious environment that inspired creativity, physical activity, and a deeper connection with nature. Completed within the stipulated six-week timeframe, the project stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and collaborative vision. Canterbury College’s new playground is not merely a space for recreation but a catalyst for holistic growth and development in its students.

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