The Brief

Mueller College enlisted Everything Outside to create dynamic play opportunities for 750 Junior and Senior Primary students. The goal was to design three distinct playground areas that offer tailored experiences for students in Years 1 to 6, integrating elements that support the curriculum and cater to diverse age groups.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to pull together the diverse needs of various student groups into a cohesive playground that allowed cross-age engagement while providing individual, age-appropriate play areas.

The Solution

In the Nature Play & Years 1-2 Areas, unique features included Mini Pods and Hideaway Boxes for imaginative adventures, raised vegetable gardens and a marketplace for sensory and educational engagement, water play features, wheelchair-accessible pathways ensuring inclusivity, double slides, monkey bars, tunnels, and shop fronts fostering creativity and social interaction.

For the older students, the Year 3-4 area included flipping, twirling, and hanging equipment to enhance physical skills. The Year 5-6 area featured climbing walls and a Ninja Warrior-inspired zone to challenge and excite, along with Gaga pits encouraging active play and social bonding.

The Towers interconnected these diverse play spaces, timber structures connected by a rope bridge. These towers served as focal points for learning and adventure, incorporating slides and curriculum-linked modules to enhance educational engagement.

Outstanding Outcome

The newly installed playground at Mueller College is a triumph of thoughtful design. The playground provides an immersive, and dynamic environment that promotes holistic development. Key outcomes include an enhanced appeal, with the innovative design increasing the school’s attractiveness and fostering community engagement. By catering to various age groups and their specific needs, the playground supports physical, cognitive, and social development.

Everything Outside’s commitment to excellence in educational environments is evident in this project. The playground sets a new standard, ensuring that Mueller College students thrive in a nurturing and stimulating setting for years to come.

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