Nature playgrounds combine physical adventure with the beauty of the bush. The lush landscape and warm climate of the Gold Coast and Brisbane is the perfect environment for children’s playgrounds. Many school playgrounds are limited however o unimaginative plastic climbing structures and slides. Playgrounds can be so much more. The subtropical landscape of south east Queensland provides the perfect inspiration for designing playgrounds that inspire the imagination of children and promote physical activity through adventure. Children will spend hundreds of hours playing on the same equipment in school grounds. A ladder and slide can be over in a few seconds whereas a nature playground can bring a touch of
wilderness and wonderland into the school within which children can play for hours. When playgrounds are fixed forms of plastic, with perhaps limited range of movement for defined exercises such as noughts and crosses, the child has only the body that can move as part of the vivid imagination. Nature based playgrounds provide safe and generic pieces of building blocks that can be used to create elaborate scenes. Logs, plants, rocks and water pumps can be used by the children as parts of the story they are creating. Bushes transform into cosy nooks to retreat and boulders turn into mountain tops or castle towers. Finally Playgrounds that reflect the nature beauty of the gold coast and Brisbane can be a showpiece o parents and he community, reflecting the beauty of the bush into
the school and creating an inspiring landscape for the children to bring imaginative play to life. Playground design has not evolved greatly in many years in one important respect. The emphasis on physical activity with a secondary focus on engaging children’s natural inclination to move their bodies based as part of the vivid imagination that comes with childhood. For a child a tower becomes a mountain, a ditch becomes a gorge and the extent of the
role playing can engage children for hours. Imagination allows the children to create without limits and build a visual picture an extraordinary life. At Everything Outside we hand craft nature playgrounds to encourage hours of imaginative play and provide beautiful showpieces for schools in south east Queensland and northern New South Wales.