Sandpits can be frustrating to manage, with sand traveling around the playground, into the classroom and through clothes. Sandpit covers are needed to prevent animals entering overnight.

The benefits, however, of sandpits far outweigh the challenges with new research indicating that there are irreplaceable benefits to development.

A recent study in Japan of prep students reinforce the benefits of sand play including sensory experience for the development of social, athletic and emotional skills.

At Everything Outside we approach the design of playgrounds which considers the input from educators of the benefits and challenges of sandpits and design accordingly.

Sandpits are placed carefully within the design away from high traffic areas so that students can safety immerse themselves in open-ended, imaginative play. Line of site supervision is designed into the entire playground. The low-lying sandpit needs to have good supervision but allow sand to be shaken off on the trek back to the classroom.

The sides of the sandpit are beautiful, natural and designed to contain the sand as much as possible. Good landscaping also helps to contain the sand from traveling. Finally, several sandpit covers that are small, with weights sewn into the border at intervals are more practical for staff to put on and take off and store.

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