Outdoor learning is a growing format that has been found to have educational benefits to students, according to research. Benefits include reduced requirements for teacher redirection and students being able to better remain on task in a natural (outdoor) classroom setting.

Educators who use outdoor classrooms describe the benefits of a relaxing and healthy environment in which to conduct small group work. Student discussion can dissipate more easily into the open air, improving concentration for all.

The format of outdoor classrooms can vary greatly, unrestricted by the parameters for classroom buildings. U-shaped seating under trees, small group seating pods and raised decks among greenery within school grounds are examples of comfortable, natural formats.

Consultation with school management and educators ensure that the design of an outdoor classroom suits the needs of curriculum of each age group and the timetable of the campus. Outdoor classrooms are functional areas that can be used throughout the day both class time and break time. Before and after school events for the school community can also make use of such spaces.

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