A good playground design fosters the full range of movement as well as opportunities for rest and reflection. At a first glance a playground may have the predictable elements, a slide, monkey bars, swings and climbing for upper body development. However a playground can offer so much more.

Students on a break from structured learning in the classroom come out bursting with the need to move and for self-directed, open-ended, imaginative play. This natural inclination to play holds a wide range of benefits that can each be fully realised if the playground is designed well.

Nature play holds therapeutic benefits of calming the mind and senses, loose parts play in a reggio-inspired vignette within the playground can be a safe place for students to become immersed. Parkour courses can offer a physical challenge which caters for all age groups, offering a challenge that can be pursued and achieved as physical development improves.

Movement and collaboration on a set of birds nest swings become a social hub of activity. Shaded seating and landscaping become not only places of rest for cooling down, eating or reading but also a suitable venue to schedule in the school timetable for outdoor learning in small groups or class groups.

At Everything Outside we design playgrounds that invite children into a natural world within which to become immersed at break time.

We are a one-stop-shop design and construction company of showcase, stunning projects for schools on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland.

Make contact with Andrew on 0466 166 054 or andrew@everythingoutside.com.au for a visit to your school.